A Fresh Restart

  Howdy folks! Been a long time, hasn't it? Hope the summer treated you all well and the start of fall is nice and filled with pumpkin spice!
We're officially out of beta testing the server and are rearing and ready to restart everything. This means the following:
  • The server is up NOW! Come download the new patches and log on to start roleplaying now!
  • Accounts have NOT been wiped. This is important in the idea that we do not plan to wipe characters at all unless its a necessity on the side of the player. Keep your existing characters and set up. However this also means you're more than welcome to restart your character. All character interactions, events, are to be rolled back, at least ones that involve other player's characters. If you wanted to remake your character as another race or an entirely different person, go ahead.
  • Those who participated in the beta need to pick up their rewards! We have quite a number of extra things for you if you participated in event betas, including a mount item. We'll also mark your account on the forums as such to show off that you helped build Deimos!
  • Registration is open to whoever wants to join. Our bot filtering on the forums have proved to be great at getting rid of bots, so there's no need for admin approved accounts. Though the rule still stands that to see the rest of the forum you'll need to post in the introductions part of the forum!
  • Rewards/Incentives to invite more players: Badges on the forum, and perhaps a few things in character for both the new member as well as the member who invited them!
  • Lore and Character Approvals are now being accepted. If there is missing lore for something, you're more than welcome to submit writing to assist in the development of it! Our lore process is still being developed, but generally it will be run by both Tande and VowelOwl in order to ensure it fits within the existing lore. Players are highly encouraged to take part of this approval process for both constructive criticism on their write-outs as well as assisting to mold it to setting!
  • Our IRC! You can find our IRC channel at irc.psigenix.net, channel #deimos It is the best place to find people to RP with and to discuss whatever may be!

Opening Date Announced!

 We will be opening our doors officially April 1st, 2014.  If you have not registered an account on the forums, please do so and make sure that it is approved by using the contact form above! 

Beta Dates Announced!

I would like to start early Beta testing Wednesday, March 19th to Sunday, March 23rd.  Files will be made available Monday, March 17th to beta testers. Those who decide to participate in the beta will have their account accredited a Reins of Mount item at server opening!  This item will allow for a mount for all job classes and faster movement, and will be worth 10 million zeny.  This item is not in-character, though!  Please note that all characters and accounts created during Beta will be wiped before actual opening!

Beta Testers will be expected to find and post bugs or suggestions to making the server easier to play both out-of-character and in-character.  Think an item would work well to assist in roleplaying?  Suggest it!  Think something would make leveling easier and funner?  Suggest it!  Testers are also encouraged to stay logged into our IRC during testing to allow for discussion, planning, and reporting of bugs.

If you wish to be a Beta Tester, please contact Tande in the forums or IRC.  You must have an approved forum account before beta testing!

Headgears Headgears Headgears!

 Wowey Kablowey, here's a developer update that I'm sure a lot of people are happy to hear!  We've just added in the custom items for job sprite changers, mounts, and the more important: headgears from the official kRO that are now set to 'costume' items so they will not take up an equipment slot!  You ever wonder how many items so far we've added in?  So far!  And that's without the custom headgears, which by the way, if you'd like to request some, please reply to this thread in the forums.

Glastheim, The Broken Capital

Before the time of the Great War, before the breaking of what could have been called the Rune Empire, the lands of Alfheimr were centered around the grey-brick tall walls of Glastheim, the original capital.  What was once the most prosperous city of the world would be lay to waste by the siege of creatures not of this world, brought on by the hands of mages that have been questioned by historians for their motivation.  Had they purposely broken the spell to steal away the capital, or was it a honest mistake caused by novice hands using ill magic now forbidden?

It is said that these magicians were dealt a harsh punishment that were considered much too lenient in many Ljosalfar minds.  Not only had they destroyed the glorious capital, Glastheim, but the creatures born of their spell also took the Dokkalfar's homeland, Niflheim, laying it to waste with no care of innocent blood spilled.   What orders that had been made out by the mages would make them the scapegoat for so much hatred in history.

But as the centuries have passed, the views have changed to a much more peaceful approach with the world's beings.  And as forgotten history is set aside, a new book will be written with characters, both new and old. 

Not everything has been forgotten just yet...