Before the time of the Great War, before the breaking of what could have been called the Rune Empire, the lands of Alfheimr were centered around the grey-brick tall walls of Glastheim, the original capital.  What was once the most prosperous city of the world would be lay to waste by the siege of creatures not of this world, brought on by the hands of mages that have been questioned by historians for their motivation.  Had they purposely broken the spell to steal away the capital, or was it a honest mistake caused by novice hands using ill magic now forbidden?

It is said that these magicians were dealt a harsh punishment that were considered much too lenient in many Ljosalfar minds.  Not only had they destroyed the glorious capital, Glastheim, but the creatures born of their spell also took the Dokkalfar's homeland, Niflheim, laying it to waste with no care of innocent blood spilled.   What orders that had been made out by the mages would make them the scapegoat for so much hatred in history.

But as the centuries have passed, the views have changed to a much more peaceful approach with the world's beings.  And as forgotten history is set aside, a new book will be written with characters, both new and old. 

Not everything has been forgotten just yet...